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Welcome To Biosphere Landscape Architecture - Your Professional Franklin Lakes Pond and Waterfall Design and Construction Company

Franklin Lakes ponds waterfalls

Biosphere Landscape Architecture specializes in residential and commercial water feature landscaping design, construction, and maintenance services in the Franklin Lakes, NJ area. If you want to add alluring new water features to your property, such as ponds, waterfalls, and more, give us a call today.

Waterfalls can be one of the most relaxing & enhancing investments that you make for your yard or property. The option of sizes & styles of ponds, waterfalls, and other water features are endless. Biosphere Landscape Architecture specializes in Franklin Lakes Pond and Waterfall Construction for yards of all shapes and sizes. Our custom pond and waterfall landscapers can design and construct the water features you have always envisioned having in your yard.

Moreover, our professional Franklin Lakes water feater maintenance team is well-trained in pond and waterfall maintenance and repair and maintains your landscape's water features running smoothly. When our job is finished, Your elegant new water features will increase the value of your Franklin Lakes business or home. Give us a call today for a design consultation for residential or commercial water feature landscape installation and maintenance services and surrounding areas.

Biosphere Landscape Architecture - Your Top-Choice Franklin Lakes Waterfall and Pond Construction Service

We perform pond and waterfall design and construction work to ensure your home or office water features stand out from the rest of the landscapes in your Franklin Lakes neighborhood. From waterfall design and maintenance to pond construction or repair, you only receive first-rate services from us!

At Biosphere Landscape Architecture we strive to provide our Franklin Lakes customers with environmentally friendly water feature landscape maintenance and design services where the water features flow freely. Contact us today to learn more about our green, earth-friendly water feature services, and see how our team of professional Franklin Lakes waterfall and pond landscaping contractors can transform your yard into a magical waterscape!

Expert Franklin Lakes Ponds, Streams, and Waterfalls Installation

Your Franklin Lakes home's landscape design like waterscape features such as waterfalls, ponds, or streams brings a special atmosphere to your property. Rock paver walkways, fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and dry creeks can all be aesthetic as well as functional when properly constructed into your landscape design by our professional Franklin Lakes pond and waterfall design and installation experts.

Water features can add a touch of serenity to your indoor or outdoor living space, acting as visually creative aesthetics. Many different varieties of water features are available, and our Franklin Lakes waterfall and pond installation contractors can design the water feature that best fits your style. From detailed ponds to elaborate wall fountains, our water features can enhance the visual appeal of your Franklin Lakes home in an atmospheric manner.

Splendid Franklin Lakes Commercial Water Feature Construction and Maintenance

The Water Ponds & Waterfall team at Biosphere Landscape Architecture are highly trained and knowledgeable. We only hire true professionals in the waterfall and pond construction field and keep up-to-date with the best water feature maintenance options and products available. Our staff is always customer-service friendly, professional, and efficiently communicative with our residential and commercial water feature clients.

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If you are looking for a professional landscape design company in the Franklin Lakes area, please call us at 201-236-3628 or complete our online consultation form.