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Meet Our Team

Would you like to have a dedicated architect lead your landscaping project from the design phase to the final phase of construction? The extraordinary customer service provided by Biosphere Landscape Architecture goes hand-in-hand with our landscaping company’s design work. Our landscape design specialists will not only bring superior creativity and attention to detail to your project but also use an environmentally sensitive methodology. Biosphere Landscape Architecture truly “brings your design to life.”

William R. Boyce IV

William R. Boyce IV is the owner and principal landscape architect of Biosphere Landscape Architecture. By nature, he is a problem solver that thrives on creating aesthetically pleasing solutions, even for the most challenging landscapes. His design work ranges from large, commercial projects, such as golf courses and apartment complexes, to residential master plans, property renovations, and creative plantscapes.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1994, his first experience in the workforce at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission allowed him to develop an expertise in the field of large-scale wetland restoration and mitigation. In 1995, he established Biosphere Landscape Architecture to follow his passion for designing, building, and sharing beautiful landscapes ever since.

Send William R. Boyce IV an email at

Satpal Singh

Satpal Singh is the business and project manager of Biosphere Landscape Architecture. With a degree in finance from Susquehanna University, Satpal’s business administration skills oversee the technical side of Biosphere’s operations. In college, Satpal led environmental conservation efforts to revitalize local parks and campgrounds, thereby realizing his interest in the “greening” of the environment that led him to Biosphere. Dealing with everything from permitting, estimating, and cost accounting, Satpal aligns Biosphere’s finances with its vision. His work includes planning, managing, and executing all steps of business objectives from start to finish.

Theresa Farro

Theresa Farro is the office manager of Biosphere Landscape Architecture. With a degree in Business Administration Management from Berkeley College and a Certificate for Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Theresa helps Biosphere’s operations run like a well-oiled machine. Theresa’s knowledge of business logistics helps Biosphere form tight, lasting relationships with each client. Her skills in overseeing administrative staff members, receiving and directing visitors, arranging meetings, and systemizing schedules is invaluable for Biosphere’s efficiency and speed of operations.

Doug Szbaday

Doug is one of Biosphere Landscape Architecture’s experienced field operatives and construction specialists. His extensive knowledge of construction processes allow him to expertly translate complex designs into reality. His experience and reliability makes him Biosphere’s primary point of contact for communicating with various landscape professionals and clients on-site, both of which augments operational efficiency.

Paul Huening

Paul, a former specialist in the U.S. Army, has now found a home at Biosphere Landscape Architecture as our in-house electrician and technical professional. Paul’s passion, talent, and strong understanding of technology makes him invaluable to Biosphere’s fleet of trucks, tools, and equipment. Even more, Paul’s relentless motivation invigorates our field operatives through even the most complex projects.

Lorne Durham

Lorne, a strong-willed and personable construction professional, possesses the gift of transforming designs into reality. He is the construction lead on outdoor kitchens, overhead structures, and any intricate interior work. With years of industry experience under his belt, Lorne is a master of the organization, cooperation, and communication required to see a project through to its end. As such, Lorne interfaces with various plumbers, framers, and out-of-house electricians to ensure the highest quality completion of Biosphere’s projects.


Jacinto, well-known for his creativity and flawless craftsmanship, is one of Biosphere Landscape Architecture’s construction specialists. His unparalleled stone working ability can transform any outdoor space into the envy of the neighborhood. Jacinto’s reputation as an expert artisan, tireless worker, and landscape visionary stems from his life-long experience in the field. He is ready to take on any project!

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