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New Jersey residential and commercial property owners add water features and other hardscapes to their lawns to attract wildlife, develop landscapes that are visually pleasing, and create serene outdoor spaces. If you decide to hire a premier landscaping design company like Biosphere Landscape Architecture to design and build water ponds or waterfalls on your property, you'll spend more time outdoors basking in the sun and breathing the fresh air.

You might think that installing water features like water ponds and waterfalls are out of the realm of possibilities for your lawn, but with the help of our skilled landscape design specialists, you'll be able to design and build a water pond or waterfall that suits your tastes and preferences, adheres to your budget, and enhances your New Jersey property's landscaping. Contact our landscaping company in New Jersey if you want to ensure that you have everything you need for your water pond or waterfall, including water garden pumps, plastic pond liners, rocks, plants, and statuary.

Water Ponds

Water ponds are popular water features for both homeowners and business owners, and they often include koi fish and aquatic vegetation. Design your above-ground or in-ground water pond with your budget and the pond's location, size, shape, materials, and additional features in mind, and customize the water pond to your exact specifications.


Water pond waterfall nj

If you're inspired by New Jersey residential and commercial properties with waterfalls in their landscape designs, discuss your ideas with the landscape design experts at Biosphere Landscape Architecture.

Waterfalls can be built into water ponds or stand alone. They can also be incorporated into swimming pools. Opt for a natural waterfall made of rough stones, or design a polished water fall made of tiles. You should also consider adding landscape lighting into your waterfall to highlight this feature during the evening hours.

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If you are looking for a professional water pond & waterfall company in the New Jersey and New York area, please call us at 201-236-3628 or complete our online consultation form.