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Biosphere Landscape Architecture is an experienced Cresskill landscape design company with close working relationships with allied professionals in the landscaping field. Our landscape design professionals collaborate with land use attorneys, property managers, civil engineers, general contractors, landscape contractors, pool contractors, urban developers, architects, and interior designers to ensure that our residential and commercial clients' goals and aspirations are communicated effectively and brought to life successfully. Additionally, our company provides public testimony to planning and zoning boards to help expedite permit approvals.

Commercial Waterfall Design & Construction

Many Cresskill business owners agree that water features such as waterfalls improve commercial landscape designs drastically. If you want to develop a landscape that is visually appealing, create a tranquil outdoor space, and attract both wildlife and customers, schedule a consultation with an experienced landscape architect like Biosphere Landscape Architecture to discuss waterfalls and how they can enhance your Cresskill business's commercial landscape design.

Landscape Design Projects for Your Cresskill Home

Although adhering to a particular landscape design with plants that aren't native to your location can be a daunting task, you can accomplish the look that you want for your Cresskill home's landscaping by hiring the qualified team at Biosphere Landscape Architecture. Our landscape design specialists can help you design your landscape while providing you with specific care instructions for the plants and foliage that you select for your lawn.

The following landscape styles are common for residential property owners:

  • Japanese Zen - clusters of bamboo, bridges, fish ponds, and curved pathways
  • English Country Cottage - brightly colored flowers, shade trees, waterfalls, water ponds, and bridges
  • Mediterranean - planter boxes, brick or stone walls, and stone pathways
  • American Southwest - cacti, stucco walls, rocky landscapes, rock or gravel pathways, poolscapes, and covered patios
  • Tropical or Semi-Tropical - ferns, brightly colored flowers, tall trees, shrubs, and poolscapes

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