5 Top Tips for Spring Landscapes

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5 TOP TIPS for Spring Landscapes

By William R. Boyce, IV - Landscape Architect

With these 5 Top Tips, for spring landscape design and maintenance, Biosphere will improve your outdoor pleasure. 


Beautiful Backyard 

1.  Plan Now for Backyard Summer Parties
Meet with a Biosphere Landscape Designer to assess and enhance your outdoor spaces considering trees, plants, flowers, BBQ's, fireplaces, pathways, patios, and water features.


Winter Pruning 

2.  Prune Winter Damage  

BioCare is the division of Biosphere devoted to year round woody and perennial plant care, hardscape maintenance, and unique seasonal flower displays. 


Paver Driveway Installation

3.  Repair Belgian Block and Paver Damage 

With such a cold and snowy winter, masonry gets damaged from snowplowing and the perils of winter heaving.  Biosphere has professionals to handle any Belgian block, paver, or natural stonework repair.


lovely water feature 

4.  Witness Drainage Patterns  

The snow melt makes it easy to see the drainage patterns causing over-saturated lawns and problem areas.  At Biosphere, we work with the natural flows of the landscape to improve upon what already exists.  A flooded lawn area may be the perfect spot for a rain garden. 

Fresh Vegetables

5.  Plant an Organic Vegetable Garden  

Considering how beneficial locally grown food is, how about a raised bed vegetable garden?  Now is a great time to plan and plant a garden. Biosphere has teamed up with Yard2Kitchen building and maintaining raised bed gardens providing you with fresh produce to pick from your own backyard. 

Thank you for being a partner with Biosphere.  We specialize in outside possibilities.  Call on us to design, build, manage,  and maintain the outdoor beauty of both your residential and commercial properties.


patio staircase - mulched plant beds

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Where Did All The Grass Go?

Each year we look forward to the white snow melting into lush green grass and garden beds. With such a harsh winter all we are seeing this Spring is mostly brown, yellow, and orange. Severe low temperatures, ice, and continual wet conditions caused by snow and the subsequent melt have wreaked havoc on grass and bedding plants. There are a few things you can do now that will spruce up your landscape for this season and you can also take preventative measures for future seasons.

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Everything is OK in Moderation - Except Climate Change
Written by by William R. Boyce, IV   

The winter of 2013-14 took a toll on the landscapes of northern New Jersey. Hollies and boxwoods look burned, the lawn has snow mold, granite curbing has been destroyed by snow plows, tree branches have snapped, plants that were marginally hardy may not even come back at all -- I've got my eye on those Crape Myrtles.  
These low winter temperatures may be here to stay as the Polar Vortex will most likely continue to pump cold air down on us for years to come

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Biosphere Birdhouse Giveaway!
Written by Lisa Motto, Biocare Garden Services Manager | 2/25/14   

We have a winner of our Birdhouse Raffle!


To @Eileen Bassi of Franklin Lakes, NJ. Our latest winner of a custom made and installed birdhouse courtesy of Wild Birds Unlimited of Paramus, NJ.

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Is All This Snow Killing Your Lawn?
Written by Lisa Motto, Biocare Garden Services Manager | 2/23/14   

Do you regularly mow your lawn? Do you remove all of the leaves from your lawn? Do you remove the snow build up on your lawn?

If you said no to either one of these questions, pay close attention to your lawn as the snow begins to melt. If your lawn looks like it has dead grey patches chances are you have a fungal disease called Snow Mold.

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Is Your Garden Looking SAD?
Written by Peter J. Kikot, Sr. Landscape Designer/Sales Manager | 1/26/14   

So, your garden tools have all been cleaned and are safely tucked away in the shed; winter has arrived and now the snow is falling. The gardening season is finally over.  Or is it? 

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